The first Vaquero Heritage Trainers Challenge was a success!    These five trainers did an excellent job at demonstrating their horsemanship skills as well as showcasing the  Oak Creek Canyon Wild Horses.   In the morning session each day of the event, they were each given a young wild colt to start training, demonstrating to the public and judges.  The afternoon session was their time to shine through an obstacle course, and then a freestyle event of their choosing.  It was very heartwarming and moving to see what each trainer brought to the arena.  The photographs below for those who were unable to attend the event, say it all.  

The versatility of these horses is remarkable and was demonstrated by all the trainers in their own way.   They are all winners in our opinion.   Awards were presented as follows:

1st Place   --- David Wratchford  - riding "McCall"
2nd Place --- Amber McGee - riding "Miguelito"
3rd Place  --- Monica Whitmer - riding "Corey"
4th Place  --- Steve Perron  - riding "Noir"
5th Place  --- Dave Lemley  - riding "Pulchella"

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